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Vij's Restaurant opened in Vancouver in autumn 1994 with the premise that there is no such thing as a typical Indian curry. Each of our meals showcases the beauty and taste of different Indian spices in combination with locally available ingredients. We make our own yogurt and cheeses, and roast and grind all our spices. We also make our own pure ghee (clarified butter), which is a cherished form of cooking oil in India.

Our Packaged Meals are frozen and refrigerated ready-to-eat Indian dishes that were originally developed at Vij's Restaurant. These dishes can be reheated in various ways including "Boil-a-bag" (package submersed in boiling water), Microwave, and Saucepan reheating.


Packaged Meals

Chicken curry with kalonji spice 

This is a signature chicken curry from our restaurant. Kalonji seeds, also known as Nigella seeds, give a slightly nutty and peppery flavour to a curry. It is the predominant spice in this dish and compliments the sweetness of the sautéed onions.


Punjabi lamb curry 

This is a traditional lamb curry full of onions, tomatoes, garlic and ginger. Punjabi households add their own preferred spices and we use our Vij's garam masala-which translates into "warm spices"- for a richer flavour.


Garam masala beef curry 

This is a rich, sweet and spicy curry. We add garlic and a touch of dark brown, raw sugar, which is known as gur in India. Garam masala-which translates into "warm spices"-is a North Indian spice mixture and we make ours from a Vij's family recipe.


Coconut beef curry 

The delicate flavour of coconut milk balances the robust spices such as cumin, coriander and ajwain seeds. We simmer the beef in this velvety, medium-spiced curry until it is perfectly tender. Ajwain is often referred to as Indian thyme.


Saag & paneer 

We combine the mellow flavour of spinach with the stronger flavour of rapini and mustard greens. After slow-cooking the greens, we add sautéed onions and green chillies. Paneer is a mild Indian cheese made from whole milk. Many Indians like to top piping hot saag paneer with a small dollop of butter.


Curried kale & potatoes 

This dish was consistently one of the most popular vegetarian appetizers on our menu. We chop the kale so that the flavours of the tomato, spices and cayenne pepper surround it. The potatoes also soak in the spices to match the kale perfectly.


Coconut & ginger green beans 

We combine ginger and onions with a spicy coconut paste. There is a subtle sweetness in this dish, and the green beans are added at the end to retain their freshness. This is a perfect vegetable curry to accompany meats.


Punjabi daal 

It is rare that an Indian home will serve a meal without an accompanying lentil curry, referred to as Daal. Our Punjabi daal is comfort food at its best and can be served with any meal. It is also perfect as a main, vegetarian dish.


Black chickpea & ginger curry 

Black chickpeas are smaller, darker and nuttier in taste than well-known yellow chickpeas. According to our family food lore, black chickpeas are great for stamina and strength. This curry is great with plain, white rice or can be served as a side dish.


Curried chickpeas 

Onion and Ginger flavours stand out in this hearty vegetarian curry that we could eat everyday. Throughout India, chickpeas are one of the most popular legumes. Serve our chickpeas with other curries or enjoy them with just a bowl of rice.


Caramelized onion & ginger lamb curry 

This is our own, milder version of a Goan-inspired meat curry. We caramelized the onions and add a touch of dark sugar and balsamic vinegar for a perfect balance of spicy, tangy and sweet.


Mother in-law's pork curry 

This is a family recipe given to us by Meeru's mother as a lighter meat dish. Our pork curry has a distinctive green onion flavour, with a slight tang coming from the combination of coriander spice and yogurt.


Chicken in Vij's masala 

We cook the chicken in a tomato-yogurt broth, which is spiced with our own Vij's masala. Vij's masala is based on a 40-year-old family recipe from India. It has a special zing that comes from the combination of mango powder and cayenne pepper.


Paneer & red bell pepper curry 

This creamy, rich vegetarian dish satisfies all aspects of the Indian flavour palette-just a little goes a long way. We sprinkle in oven-roasted bitter melon, which is popular throughout India, and some juicy raisins. Paneer is a mild Indian cheese.


Mild chicken curry 

The chicken is cooked in a gentle tomato broth with sautéed onions and small amounts of spices. This curry is ideal for those who enjoy the flavours of Indian spices but not the intensity of heat from green or red chillies.



We also sell the following chutneys to accompany any of our packaged meals:

Mint Mango Chutney 


Tamarind and Date Chutney 


Coconut Chutney 


Mint Mango Chutney,

Tamarind and Date Chutney

Coconut Chutney








Vij’s spices are hand-sifted, roasted and ground to bring out their peak flavours.



This pungent spice is a resinous gum from herbal plant.


Panch Poran 

This is Bengali five-spice mixture. It consists of fenugreek seeds, kalonji, fennel, yellow or black mustard seeds and cumin seeds.


Mango Powder 

This powder is made from unripe or green mangoes that are sundried then ground. When cooked gives a mild, sweet and tangy flavour.


Vij's Masala 

This is our personal recipe of ground spices for making a slightly tangy and spicy curry. You don't need to add any other spice when using this masala, except salt.


Garam Masala 

This is our own recipe for the traditionally homemade spice mixture used in many north Indian curries.



Turmeric powder is a staple spice in all types of Indian cuisine and provides a subtle, earthy taste.


Roasted Dried Fenugreek Leaves 

Fenugreek leaves add a flavour that is similar to celery.


Roasted Cumin Seeds 

Cumin seeds give a milder flavour than ground cumin.


Roasted Ground Coriander 

Ground coriander is often used with cumin or garam masala in making curries.


Roasted Ground Red Cayenne 

We roast whole dried cayenne peppers and then grind them. In addition to its heat, you can also taste the flavour of the cayenne.


Roasted Ground Cumin 

Ground cumin is one of the most popular Indian spices.


Vij's Chai 

This is our own Chai Masala blend of cardamom and fennel.


Masala Dhaba 

A masala dhaba is a traditional Indian spice box. The set is found in most Indian homes and is used to store the most commonly used spices. Ours contains Garam Masala, ground red cayenne pepper, roasted cumin seed, roasted ground cumin seed, dried fenugreek leaves, and ground coriander.



Naan Bread 

It is leavened bread, made from a mixture of whole wheat and all-purpose flours. We recommend that you lightly brush the heated naan with a little butter or ghee.



Chapatis are unleavened, flat round breads made with flour and water. Chapatis are eaten daily throughout central and northern India and are also known as roti.



Cumin Basmati Rice 

Sm 3.95
Lg 5.95

Brown Rice 



Vij's rice pudding 

We grew up eating rice pudding at all times of the day. We cook the basmati rice slowly on low heat so that the milk and sugar make their way into each grain of rice. Rice pudding can be served, warm, hot, or cold.



The perfect samosa has a three way, equal flavour profile - potatoes, pastry and spices. One should never overpower the other. We make our own pastry by hand, cook our potatoes to a perfect texture and delicately spice our vegetarian filling with roasted cumin and Vij’s garam masala.



With the exception of coconut curries, it's hard to think of any Indian dish with which we would not eat raita. It's a refreshing with spicy dishes and a great accompaniment to various rice pilafs. You can also eat it as a cold soup.


Pickled Chillies 


Thomas Haas Chocolates

Coco Nib Crunch 


Hazelnut Crisp 


The Candid Confectioner

Chai Caramels 


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